Fire Safety System Annual Maintenance Service

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Fire Alarm System AMC - Maintenance Service

Fire Alarm System AMC - Maintenance Service

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Fire Sprinkler System AMC - Maintenance Service

Fire Sprinkler System AMC - Maintenance Service

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Fire Hydrant System AMC - Maintenance Service

Fire Hydrant System AMC - Maintenance Service

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Fire Suppression System AMC - Maintenance Service

Fire Suppression System AMC - Maintenance Service

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Fire Extinguishers AMC - Maintenance Service

Fire Extinguishers AMC - Maintenance Service

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Mandatory Maintenance Of Fire Safety Equipment And Systems

One of the multiple tasks that occupational risk prevention technicians have to carry out in the workplace at the beginning of the year is to plan all the control and maintenance actions of the fire safety systems in accordance with the current fire regulations and manufacturer's instructions. The review and maintenance of this equipment is a very important aspect in order to guarantee the highest level of protection and safety. For this we will have to establish some basic principles of action.

Preparation and updating of the list of active protection equipment at facilities, this must include the date of installation and revision as well as the type of equipment, basic characteristics and location.
Determination of review requirements and responsibilities: actions to be carried out according to frequency and person responsible for their execution (own personnel or accredited installation/maintenance company)

What is meant by active fire safety equipment?

When talking about fire safety we must differentiate between active protection and passive protection. Active fire protection (PFA) will be the set of means, equipment and systems installed to alert about a fire and prevent it from spreading avoiding orders and damage.

• Fire detection and alarm systems
• Fire extinguishers
• Equipped fire hydrants
• Water feeding systems against fire
• Fire Hydrant Systems
• Fittings, lances and hoses
• Fire defense equipment and accessories
• Dry column systems
• Fixed extinguishing systems by automatic sprinklers and water spray
• Fixed water mist extinguishing systems
• Fixed extinguishing systems by physical foam
• Fixed powder extinguishing systems
• Fixed extinguishing systems by gaseous extinguishing agents
• Fixed extinguishing systems for condensed aerosols
• Control systems for smoke and heat
• Fire blankets


Shopping centers and premises have ceased to be places exclusively to supply us with products and services to become, even, leisure centers for the majority of citizens. For this reason, it has become essential to put into operation a fire safety system, necessary to protect the life and well-being of our employees and consumers.

However, the rest of the buildings also require security systems, but it is not enough with the intention of caring and protecting, but we must also add key methods for the maintenance of these systems that contribute so much to your business premises.

Technology and its systems have absorbed us to the point of forgetting how necessary physical security is, the combination and cooperation between both systems being key. Remember to have staff to help protect well-being and, in addition, qualified personnel to maintain the fire safety system.


You may wonder why we should carry out maintenance on the fire safety system, because the answer lies in the same statement: the installations of the fire and security system are designed to remain in an expectant state.

If an accident occurs, the system will carry out its lifesaving work without regard, so there is a possibility that there will not be enough time to correct damages and avoid inconveniences.

This is how the need to have a team specialized in maintenance was born, which carries out actions to ensure the effectiveness of the fire prevention system after planning and executing preventive and corrective activities. The descriptions and frequency of maintenance are key factors for the control and safety of the business premises.

The maintenance of the fire prevention system must be carried out, like the rest of the maintenance, under quarterly, semi-annual and annual plans.


Maintenance must be carried out based on review, inspection and measures to avoid actions by the facilities during the process. Likewise, it is essential to verify if there have been modifications in the fire prevention system, as well as to verify, through tests, the operation of the facilities.
More specifically, the maintenance detailed below must be carried out every three months.


In general, the aforementioned review, inspection, verification and verification tasks must be carried out, paying special attention to pilot lights, fuses, light and acoustic indications, cleaning of terminals, battery systems, manual pushbuttons and the like.


At this point, we must not only verify, but also carry out cleaning activities. The elements that require greater attention, inspection and verification are the extinguishing agent discharge and start-up devices; connections and circuits in control systems; signaling manual controls, tanks, valves, alarms, motor pumps, among others.
The verification of the levels of fuel, water, oil, among others, as well as a general visual inspection of the facilities and accessories, is essential for the maintenance of the fire and security system.


On a quarterly basis, you are only going to visually inspect this equipment and facilities in general, with special emphasis on checking their location, signage, accessibility and good condition.


Maintenance every six months must include the aforementioned tasks, but with the particularity of activating and checking operation manually, as well as the location of each of the details and accessories of the fire safety system.


On the other hand, there is a less rigorous maintenance that must be carried out at least once a year. This type of maintenance includes all the areas, installations and accessories of the fire prevention system but, in turn, paying special attention to details such as:

• Verify and update the software version of the control panel.
• Check the condition and free spaces located under the point detector.
• Carry out individual tests of each of the automatic detectors and the activation of the sensors.
• Check and clean the water reserves and their filters.
• Check the availability of the main and auxiliary power sources of the fixed extinguishing and smoke and heat control systems.
• The maintenance of the fire safety system, like the rest of the facilities of the commercial premises, is essential for the success of the business and the guarantee of those who live in it.

In general, the unique security systems also vary and range from video surveillance to qualified personnel for these tasks. Our best recommendation is that the plans for the general care and maintenance of your store go hand in hand with security and maintenance professionals, such as Lindley Architecture.