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Fire Suppression System Installation

Fire Suppression System Installation

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Fire Suppression System AMC - Maintenance Service

Fire Suppression System AMC - Maintenance Service

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What is a Fire Suppression System?

Fire suppression system are also known as Flooding System in Mumbai, a fire can start when we least expect it, because we never really expect it to happen. Fire suppression or extinguishing systems are essential elements for the protection of a company against fire damage.

A fire suppression system is an engineering system that allows the extinction of incipient fire during the first minutes of its generation, automatically in order to safeguard people, property and property.

A fire suppression system requires individual calculations and designs that determine the necessary discharge flow, number and type of discharge nozzles, pipe size, area to be protected by each nozzle, and the amount of agent needed.

During its discharge, the gas floods the entire area affected by the fire, managing to put it out quickly, without electrical risks and without damaging people, equipment or facilities.

Advantages of having a suppression system

Gas suppression systems generally cover the following options:

• They protect closed areas where a quick reaction to a fire is required where there may be people
• Protect areas where a fire can break out day or night
• They protect areas where the damage caused by conventional agents cannot be allowed.

At present, it is claimed that the types of clean suppression agents must be harmless to the environment and to humans, that is, they have a ZERO potential for depleting the ozone layer.
When the system detects smoke or heat particles, the detection system activates the prevention alarm (visual and audible), sending a signal to the control panel indicating the area with the presence of smoke or heat. If the alarm persists, the signal reaches the electric actuator that activates the cylinders to release the contained gas.

The solenoid valves allow directing the agent only to the area at risk, allowing the suppression of the fire. Gas suppression systems are normally supplemented with automatic vent shutoff and power cutoffs.
Most of these types of systems suppress the fire by reducing oxygen in the risk area to the necessary limits without affecting the levels of oxygenation for humans.

Clean Agent Tanks
It is a fire extinguishing agent which is electrically non-conductive, volatile or gaseous, leaving no residue upon evaporation. They are devices that allow projecting and directing an extinguishing agent on a fire. Depending on the pressurization system, fire extinguishers are divided into:

This group includes those in which the extinguishing agent is gaseous and provides its own drive pressure, such as CO2 and those with solid, liquid or gaseous extinguishing agents whose pressure drive is achieved by an added gas. The latter must be equipped with a manometer.

This group includes those fire extinguishers whose propellant gas is in an auxiliary bottle.

Fire Fighting Foam

Its function is to lower the heat and cover the fuel, avoiding its contact with oxygen, which causes the cessation of combustion.

They are fire protection installations capable of detecting and extinguishing a fire at its start. They basically consist of an alarm and control valve, and a network of pipes derived from the main water supply. These pipes have holes in which the sprinklers or Sprinklers are mounted.

A sprinkler is a valve whose automatic opening is produced thermally by the fusion of an element or by breaking a thermo sensitive bulb.

Once the opening is complete, the water is discharged onto a deflector element that parabolic ally distributes the water over the fire area. When the fire has been extinguished, the spray head must be replaced.

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