Fire Detection & Alarm System

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Fire Detection System Installation

Fire Detection System Installation

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Fire Alarm System Installation

Fire Alarm System Installation

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Fire Alarm System AMC - Maintenance Service

Fire Alarm System AMC - Maintenance Service

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Fire alarm systems are highly effective means of protecting people, facilities, equipment, property and materials from the dangers arising from a fire, if they are properly installed, maintained and used. The technology related to these systems has evolved throughout their existence and today, thanks to the advancement of technologies and the experience in their use, they have become an essential component when it comes to detecting a fire, especially in its phase. Initial, where the fire can be more easily put out; On the other hand, a late detection and alarm of fire would delay the planned emergency actions, which can cause great losses and exponentially increase the difficulty of extinguishing it.
The main function of a fire alarm system is precisely to detect a fire as early as possible and generate the corresponding alarm signals to be able to take the appropriate extinguishing and evacuation measures. Detection can be carried out automatically through the use of automatic detection equipment or by people using manual actuators, and in general the fire alarm systems have both warning modalities.

How to install a fire alarm system? Which model to choose?

The fire alarm, also known as a fire detector, smoke detector, or fire alarm system, is an essential security element. It not only warns of the presence of dangers such as fire, smoke, gases, carbon monoxide or other harmful substances. It also allows you to act quickly, before the fire spreads.

What does the law say about the installation of a fire alarm in homes and businesses?

There is no clear and precise regulation that requires in Mumbai for installation of a fire alarm system (fire alarm) in homes. However, the efficiency of these small devices, which can save property and lives, have been more than proven. To this we must add its affordable price and easy maintenance. Despite all this, the installation of detectors or fire alarms is left to the common sense of each one. Or at most, for the architect to consider it appropriate to install it when carrying out the housing project.

When we talk about smoke detectors, we are referring to small devices that are capable of doing at least two things:

Smoke detection (or gases, carbon monoxide, flames, excessive temperature rise, etc.)
Activate an audible alarm signal (siren) to warn people of the existence of the accident. In the case of companies, fire detectors or alarms must also be able to be activated manually by any person, upon detection of fire. When the alarm is activated, the siren will also work automatically.
These are the most basic fire safety equipment for private homes and facilities or companies:

Private homes

As we have pointed out, in Mumbai it is not mandatory to install smoke detectors in homes, although we should all do so, as a precautionary measure.

Companies and buildings open to the public

In these types of facilities it is mandatory to install smoke detectors and also a complete fire prevention security system. The security system must include different elements: fire extinguishers, smoke evacuation system, evacuation plan, fire doors, fireproof materials, or visual fire alarm.

How to install a fire alarm?

In the case of private homes, installing a detector is really easy and fast.
You just have to fix the support to the ceiling with the help of some screws.
Place the battery or battery, and put the cover (pressure, threaded, assembled, etc., depending on the type of design)
Press the button to check its operation.
There are also auto detectors that are attached to the ceiling or wall without the need for nails, screws or drilling.

Typically, a good quality smoke alarm can have a useful life of up to 10 years. After that time it is recommended to change the device. The maximum useful life of these devices is 10 years, for the highest quality devices. After that time, they will not offer an adequate level of reliability.
Periodically check the good condition of the smoke detector: charge level of the battery or battery, operation of the audible alarm, etc. Periodic and regular maintenance of the device guarantees its effectiveness.

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are the logical complement to smoke detectors. Having these elements can be crucial to stop the fire before it spreads:
Fire extinguishers must be placed in accessible places. All the occupants of the house must know its location and mode of use.
There are different types of extinguishers: for fires caused by flammable liquids, for fires caused by electrical appliances, fires caused by wood and dry materials, etc. They are also of different capacities.
The most common fire extinguishers for private homes are called abc extinguishers, to fight the most common types of fires.

The kitchen is the place where domestic fires most commonly occur.


Although it seems obvious, knowing how to leave the house in case of fire is essential. In the case of private homes, which usually have a maximum of a couple of floors, evacuation can be done more quickly.

In the case of a community building, it is essential to know the evacuation plan and the emergency exits.

Fire smoke detectors must be replaced at most every 10 years. A pilot light indicates the operation of the fire alarm. However, it is important to perform alarm monitoring on a regular basis. For this reason we have equipped our intelligent smoke detector with a self-test function.
This function allows you to self-monitor its proper working order to carry out effective fire detection and protection: it sends a notice to the user's mobile as a reminder for the user to verify that the mechanism is working correctly. This verification can be done from the mobile or manually.

Note: In the event of a false alarm (burning oil or something overcooked in the oven, for example), the device can be turned off from the mobile, without having to climb on a stool or ladder.