Fire Protection Systems Installation, AMC & Maintenance

A Fire Protection Company in Mumbai specialized in fire fighting systems installation, AMC and maintenance service. We are dedicated to advising, installing and maintaining fire protection systems for neighboring communities, companies and individuals. We are backed by more than 15 years of experience in the sector, our mission is to contribute to the conservation of our environment and guarantee the safety of citizens.

• Extensive experience in the sector
• Compliance with current regulations
• Safety of our clients

We guarantee that the fire safety systems and the materials used come from the best suppliers, in this way we offer the security of compliance with current regulations on fire protection systems, we are committed to quality and excellence, for this we have specialists in fire protection systems, who will advise you on the type of fire protection system best suited to the needs of your neighborhood community and your company. More than 15 years of experience in the sector guarantee us, our mission is to contribute to the conservation of our environment and guarantee the safety of citizens

• Extensive experience in the sector
• Compliance with current regulations
• Safety of our clients

Human team

SafetyMax has a staff of specialists in fire protection systems with extensive technical knowledge and extensive experience, always ready to offer the most agile and effective response to provide you with the highest quality.

Selected materials

We select only the best suppliers of fire protection material. This is the only way we can guarantee that the installed equipment meets the quality and safety requirements in compliance with current regulations. Experience and our clients endorse us as specialists in fire protection systems.

Commitment to quality

In order to become specialists in fire fighting systems, we comply with the provision of a quality service, we are committed to current standards, endorsing beyond the procedures framed in our certifications.

Why choose safetymax

• Because we are specialists in fire fighting systems, for this we have a service specialized in advice and quality in its products and services provided.
• Because you don't have to be aware of when you have to redo the next revision of the systems.
• Notices are attended to within 24 hours.
• When a fire extinguisher is withdrawn due to an anomaly, recharging, or re-ringing, other deposits are left to cover the need.
• For the service provided and professionalism.
• Because once the system reviews have been carried out, a certificate endorsed by the authorized maintenance company is issued.

Fire Safety System Annual Maintenance Service

Fire Alarm System AMC - Maintenance Service

Fire Alarm System AMC - Maintenance Service

"Protect your safety with the best fire detection & alarm system maintenance services in Mumbai. Get quality assurance with our certified experts & reliable services!"

Fire Sprinkler System AMC - Maintenance Service

Fire Sprinkler System AMC - Maintenance Service

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Fire Hydrant System AMC - Maintenance Service

Fire Hydrant System AMC - Maintenance Service

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Fire Suppression System AMC - Maintenance Service

Fire Suppression System AMC - Maintenance Service

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Fire Extinguishers AMC - Maintenance Service

Fire Extinguishers AMC - Maintenance Service

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We are a company dedicated to the installation, advice, design and maintenance of all types of fire SAFETY systems. In all cases, we install the most suitable for the risk, use and needs of the client.
• Fire Protection System
• Fire Safety System
• Fire Fighting System
• Fire Detection and Alarm System
• Fire Sprinkler System
• Fire Hydrant System
• Active protection with different fire protection systems
• Prevention through passive means against fires
• Projects and legalizations against fires
• We strive every day to advise our clients and adapt our fire-fighting services and facilities to the needs of each client. We approach projects regardless of their activity, giving solutions that are more tailored to their needs.
• Our fire fighting equipment company in Mumbai is capable of responding to the needs of each client with seriousness and professionalism. This reaffirms the need to protect their properties and people's lives, something more than crucial.

Company specialized in fire safety systems in Mumbai. Founded in 2008, dedicated to the installation of fire fighting products, services, systems and equipment in India. Our team can take care of protecting any space, since we are experienced in the most diverse jobs.

• We advise you by designing and projecting the most suitable solution for your installation needs, always adapted to your specific space.
• Personalized advice prior to the works at no additional cost or commitment
• Comprehensive installations carried out by specialized and experienced personnel in the sector
• Projects and legalizations of the facilities, we take care of all the paperwork against public
• The best team of fire fighting equipment installers in Mumbai. Our fire fighting company offers results thanks to a responsible planning of the resources and the tools that we are going to apply in each project.

We are demanding with our results and for this reason, we equip ourselves with the most advanced technology in prevention machinery. We work every day to increase our performance and grant the best value for money on the market. This leads us to always comply with the deadlines agreed with our clients. In this way, we provide a professional and fast solution to any problem.

Why it is important to be up to date on the maintenance and technology of fire systems

Fire regulations require compliance with security measures that grant the proper use of the installation in work spaces or any residential building. For this reason, we plan security audits to address the thorough analysis of each property, prevents the community of neighbors from exposing themselves to a fine for non-compliance with the law. We finish legalization plans for unfinished facilities so that you are not left unprotected at any time.

We put at your disposal the accumulated experience of more than 15 years for the design of fire protection installations in the Community of Mumbai.

In the case of companies, we have a specialized advisory service in which we manage the creation of emergency plans and approved evacuation circuits.

The investment in security provides final cost savings, as well as compliance with occupational safety regulations in work spaces. Thanks to our prices, you will be able to amortize the cost of the total budget quickly.

Fire Safety Systems Budget

• We are backed by decades of commitment to our customers to provide the best solution in fire prevention. Thus, our agreements with suppliers allow us to adjust the price. We deal with all kinds of requests 365 days a year through an organized work method that will save you worries in the future. We have certified installers to cover any work with the most advanced technology to detect potential failures.

• Our team of experts completes specialized orders in private homes and neighboring communities with total efficiency. In our planning, we make a prior visit to the service area to prepare a tailor-made budget with the necessary resources to tackle each job.

• Our team of specialists prepares a tailored plan for fire safety systems. For this, we have a wide portfolio of products according to each need. Next, we review the functions that we usually perform.

• Installation of fire detection and extinguishing systems: Studies and projects of fire fighting installations in all kinds of spaces. This is the case of fire network systems in exterior elements, request more information about our services to discover the one that best suits your possibilities

• Review of old infrastructures in residential buildings: We request the plans of each residence to complete the strategic installation of obstacles to stop the path of the fire. We adapt any previous construction to the regulations in force to adequately equip any space.

• In addition, we observe the route of the electrical installation to detect any breakage, as well as the wear of fibers that cause short circuits. In these cases, it is common to have to complete the lining of sheet metal ducts with fireproof material.

• Design of evacuation circuits in buildings: We evaluate the distribution of emergency exits to proceed with the assembly of fire doors and other fireproofing mechanisms. Thus, it is possible to take refuge in isolated spaces that must be delimited in each building. In this way, it is possible to provide a safe escape route.

• To preserve the purpose of these resources, we provide each building with the necessary emergency signaling products. We also carry out the installation of informative signs against fire that users can use as a guide in case of evacuation.

• Creation of water supply points for fire extinguishing: In each order, we equip each resource structure for the arrest in its first phase. An example is the placement of hydrant systems and other fixed extinguishing systems, such as pressure groups, water curtains or automatic water sprinklers on roofs.

• It is very easy to find them in office plants, shopping centers or public building venues to prevent initial spread. We complete each task with the distribution of fire extinguishers in corridors and transit areas, as well as fire hydrants (BIES) marked outdoors near the access portal.

• For its part, the application of dry column systems maintains the supply in the space of the stairs. Its power outlet starts from the exterior façade with the aim of extinguishing attempts at fire at any height.

• Thus, we complete preventive works fulfill the double function of creating water supply systems and maintaining the presence of additional elements required by law. For this, it is essential to add to the usual maintenance the inspection of pipes and stopcocks for the use of pressurized water necessary in any situation.

• Safety checks in private homes: The comfort of some electrical appliances such as heat accumulators requires responsible use by users.

• Avoid disappointment by hiring our services for periodic reviews of the operation of air conditioners that prevent electrical overloads. We come to check the operation of components such as the floor-ceiling split and the state of compacts and splits for ducts of any model.

• State-of-the-art equipment for smoke detection: We have the necessary resources prepared. Thanks to them, we provide each infrastructure with automatic carbon dioxide detection devices and fire alarms inside and outside, approved and available at various prices. Enjoy a professional finish with proven results.

• Contact our fire-fighting company in Mumbai if you want us to provide you with more detailed information about our fire-fighting services and products or if you want us to make a personalized quote without any commitment.

Sale, maintenance and repair of fire safety systems

We are the most experienced fire fighting company in the sector. We have an approved business that sells certified items (hoses, fire extinguishers, hydrants, fire sprinklers, etc.). These products meet all the necessary requirements and we take care of adapting them to any space. Our products stand out from the competition because they have been made with the quality materials required by law for use in an emergency. These units feature the consistent coverage that provides total durability with every use.


We can provide you with a complete fire protection service: fire extinguishers, fire detectors, etc. In addition to emergency signs and comprehensive projects in which the most important thing is always your safety. Ask us.


• Fire Protection Systems
• Fire Detection systems
• Fire Alarm
• Fire Sprinkler
• Fire Hydrant
• Fire Suppression Sytems
• Fire Flooding Systems
• Fire Hoses
• Fire Extinguishers
• Pressure Groups
• Fire Hydrants
• Fire Alarms
• Fire Fighting Installations
• Passive Fire Protection


You can contact us so that we can prepare a personalized budget without any commitment. We will carry out a preliminary study of your security needs and we adapt to all pockets. Send us your phone or e-mail and we will call you.